Most people today are even scared just inside their homes. With the widespread bad news worldwide it’s even harder to trust people. You could see crimes that you thought a human being can’t do. But here we are, we are witnesses to these changes in the world.

The crime rates are increasing everyday sometimes it gets a little lower but not low enough to make us think that we are in safety. There are natural disasters happening around the world and is getting more prominent as time goes by. The situation is continuously changing and it makes it different from yesterday.

When we have children of our own, we think about them all the time and their safety. We even worry when they just go to the movies with friends because there are criminals who targets them. There are also terrorists around the world who happens to be a threat to every person in the world. 

Even the species of animals’ extinction are getting faster. There are even counter terrorism certificate course that are offered to people who wants to enrol. If you come to think of it, it is kind of a different approach to the people because it’s more of a case that is a serious matter.

The reason our world is getting worse is because it is already predicted long before the times of today’s generation. We can’t do anything about it anymore to make it a 100% different and positive. We could only do less and learning is one of them. We still aren’t sure if there’s any possibility to learn it well will lead to a success.

Keep in mind that everything you see should be given importance even the animals and the plants around our world. We humans should be the ones to handle them and take care of each one of them. The only thing to remember is the different possibilities that could happen in the near future. Keep your mind open and don’t forget the things that are positive about our world.

The world could change but it will never be a place which will be broken down until no one will survive. It’s because we have higher minds and only if we use it the way we could benefit us well then it will be worthwhile. Let’s say that we could still have hopes but come to think of it, is it really enough?

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