Mathematics is an important part of our life. Even if you suffer from math related phobias or anxieties which is quite common amongst the teenage generation. The reality strikes, you cannot escape the presence of math. How could you when your life is surrounded by numbers? From home, school and work to places in between application of math is prominent. Whatever we do, wherever we may go we use math continuously day by day without even realizing it. If you are struggling with math an despise the very existence of it the best way move forward to actually gain an interest in the subject is to remind yourself the practical application of math that you use in your everyday life. Knowing that you are seeking the aid of something you hate day by day will certainly peek your interest to satisfy your curiosity. Shown below are some examples that will help you understand the practical application of mathematics in our everyday life.

Financial management

The most well-known example for the practical application of math in our day to day life is money management. Where the basic skills of math comes in handy. If you are not familiar with addition, substations, division and multiplication how do you intend to survive in this highly economized and money driven society? In order to effectively manage your money you need a good grasp in math skills to plan your potential future expenditures, commitments, and spending habits. It is also essential when it comes calculating monthly percentages and costs such as mortgages, credit cards, car loans etc. which will help you make the best investments and loan choices efficiently.       

Sports and Exercise

The use of trigonometry and geometry is often used by teens and adults alike to improve their skills in sports. Through calculating potential outcomes in your mind you have the ability to select the best way to shoot a ball, hit a ball, make calculated runs etc. and predict a favorable outcome it also helps you to keep track of the score and strategies advantageous ways to win the game. Math is resourceful for a healthy living and is used to meet essential health goals as well as to assemble a good workout. Math is used to calculate the calories which are burned as well as the targeted rate for each exercise. By developing an interest in math will greatly assist you in many ways additional maths tuition for o level Singapore will help you find your passion for math.

Household Activities

At home we use mathematics in multiple occasions such as, cooking and baking most of the time you use proper measurements when it comes to preparing meals. Not to mention the use of division and multiplication to satisfy the quantity you need.

Usage of medications, you need math to understand the different dosages you are given to safely consume your medicine. Home decorating, remodeling as well as gardening where you need to know and calculate the area and volume in order to determine your purchases accurately namely if it’s a remodeling the sizes of timber, tile, quantity of pain etc. and for gardening the amount of soil and fertilizer needed, amount of seeds etc.

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