The question of physics relating to day to day life seemingly to many could be answered as no, but the reality being the opposite is capable of assisting anyone with basic concepts being understood. From avoiding an accident while driving a vehicle or attempting to climb out of a ditch, having an idea of the subject is bound to assist decision making on regular basis.

The study of mater and movement of it through space and time of the universe can be defined as physics. Being a fundamental science encompassing a large range of subjects, detailed below are areas of physics concepts in helping understand its importance.

Laws of Motion

 The famous story of Isaac Newton resting beneath an apple  tree and noticing an apple fall to the ground initiating the formulation of basic laws of motion though considered an apocryphal story, is stated during introduction of the subject to students. The experience laying foundation to fundamental laws of motion or classical mechanics defines 3 basic laws used in modern times in wide manner.

Law 1 # Still objects will remain still and objects in motion remain in motion at the same velocity unless acted on by an external force. Eg – A ball laying on the floor remaining on the floor until its kicked. On a hill, gravity pulls the ball downward after being kicked.

Law 2 # Force equals mass times acceleration (F = ma). Eg- A dodge ball moving at 30 Km/h in comparison to being hit by a moving vehicle stipulates the importance of mass.

Law 3 # When an objects exerts force on another object, the second object exerts an equal and opposite force on the first. Eg – Punching a wall extremely hard could break the hand.

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Being one of the basic forces governing the universe, electromagnetism refers to force generated through electrons fond in matter in the universe such as compounds in magnets. Force carried by an electromagnetic is carried by photons which are particles mimicking waves or waves acting like particles.

Too Complicated? Visible light is considered a form of electromagnetic radiation along with x rays and radio waves. Electricity is created through manipulation of electromagnetic forces.


The basic concept defined through analogies of moving vehicles can be further elaborated with usage of a ball thrown out of a moving vehicle. Relativity enables 2 different perspectives. Firstly, from the inside of the car, an upward force is used. From the outside of the car the perspective is different to one standing still and observing. The example expanded into a larger scale can be related to the earth rotating around the sun at 30 km/s or 110,000 km/h. The impact of relativity makes the rotation feel different to us on earth.

The idea is defined to understand time being stretched in relation to speed. The faster you move the slower time goes.

In conclusion, the importance of physics in day to day life can be an exhilarating experience to understand simply if you put your mind to it or use professional assistance like most do.

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