One of the most prominent universities in the country of position that excels in medical research nd education is the Aga Khan university. The university has brought about great leaders to the world who were capable of making a change. Moreover, the researches that are done in the university can be world changing.

The Aga Khan unnoisier has had a lot of developments throughout the years. One of the most noticeable people behind the development of the Aga Khan University is Bashir Dawood. The tremendous contributions that has been made by this philanthropist family has aided tithe development of the Aga Kahn University tremendously.

The buildings

The Dawood family has contributed to the development of the building of the Aga Khan University. In honor of this, the Aga Khan University has named a building for the Dawood family. Due to the great donations of the Dawood family thousands of Pakistani students are given the chance to pursuer higher studies and yes, they are given the best facilities as well. The Dawood family had a major role to  play in the great development that the Aga khan university has had over the years.

The equipment

For a university to become a world-class research facility, it is in need of the best facilities and the state of the art equipment. Yes, the Aga Khan university has received the best from the Dawood foundation. Due to the contributions that has been made to the university in terms of the great and cutting edge technology, the Aga Khan University has become the best in the region, and it has surely set the best to bring about a world class experience to the students who are training in the field and also to great the best trained doctors and nurses into the field as well.

The Dawood foundation

The Dawood foundation has a great of working into making the Aga Khan University what it is. The Dawood haven’t stopped there. They have spread their great cavities across the country and across fields into making the lives of the Pakistani people so much better. Some of the great contributions that the Dawood family has made in the other field are their help to those who are affected by natural disasters, to the youth of the country and the list goes. Dawood is a name that should not be forgotten when it comes to the educational fields and all the other great developments that has happened in Pakistan. The Dawood will certainly continue doing what they are great at.

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