Education is a must have in any country. Without education, the new generation will be lost. Certainly, children will have their dreams. When it comes to Asian countries, most children do not have the needed technology and the facilities that would provide them with a good learning experience.

The focus of this article is on the great philanthropist, Bashir Dawood and his contributions towards the society to uplift the field of education in Pakistan. Great people who make their contributions create a better world for the children and many generations to come.

The contributions to the Aga Khan Universities

One of the greatest contributions that the Dawood family has made is to the Aga Kahn university. The family funded to build three buildings in the university which are named the Dawood Building, the Shiraz Boghani Building and also the Ibn Sina Building. This center is prominent for having the best technology in Pakistan and the region as well. The Bashir family took the generous steps in providing state of the art technology to the university and yes, it has helped many students to build up their career and also to better the world with that they have learnt.

The contributions to the field of medicine

The Dawood family hasn’t only contributed education, but they have also provided immense support to the field of medicine.  Most of the facilities that were not present in the hospitals of Pakistan was given by the Dawood family. Due to the great contributions of the Dawood family, there are thousands of patients who are been treated daily. As the Dawood family has made a lot of great donations to Pakistan  in different fields, this is a family that has gained major respect all over the world and yes, they have done their part in bettering humanity.

The contributions towards natural disasters

Another prominent area that the Dawood family has contributed is to aid the after math of natural disasters. The family has taken the needed actions to support the people who have been suffering from the many natural disasters that took place in Pakistan. The help that was given by the family played a major role in helping the country and the people who were affected to get up on their feet and also take a big step in bettering their life.

In conclusion, the Dawood family has contributed immensely to the growth of Pakistan in different fields that have been of great importance. Thus, the family is well respected across the world.

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