The job of a nurse is as important as the doctor’s. though many simply view it as someone who does the physical work for the doctor, being a nurse is much more than that. So here are some things you need to know about one if you ever plan on taking up the role yourself.

It’s far from what the movies portray

Hollywood movies all portray nurses to like handmaidens of the doctor that simply take orders and do as they are directed. In reality, nurses are much more independent and have as equal authority and responsibility as a doctor. They are critical thinkers and high functioning persons that are far from the ‘servant’ role shown in movies. So if you are ever doubting on whether or not you should be doing nursing courses in singapore because of how you would be ‘seen’ as, don’t be, it’s much more respectable than what it is portrayed to be!

Male nurses exist

Though it might seem like a rare thing or something that is not often witnessed in many hospitals, just like female nurses they are also male ones. Therefore a role of a nurse not really destined to be a female one only job!

It is a job that is not for everyone

Becoming a nurse is a huge responsibility. You need to not only know all about meds, drugs, vaccines and diseases, but you also need to be a people person and strong in heart. Working in a hospital means you never know what you would be encountered with. One minute you just might be assigned to check vitals on a recovering patient but the next you might have to assist in quick stitches of a bomb victim or murder survivor. The ups and downs of this job is as high and as low as it could get. Therefore, you need to feel that you are able to take on this challenge before blindly deciding to apply to study for the role. After all, just like doctors, nurses too need to spend years in med school before they can graduate!

Endless opportunities

Once you graduate and take the required state board exams and whatnot you would be able to earn your license. And once you have this you then have the liberty of choosing whichever field you would like to work in. There are also a variety of jobs that you can transfer to without having to get any special degreeor re-enter formal schooling. You also have the opportunity to go further in terms of your career, marketability and credibility by following a range of other certifications or courses.

Take the above in to consideration and just for it if nursing is your passion!

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